Medieval Occupations - Stone Carver, Storyteller, Weaver
Medieval Occupations
(Jobs in the Medieval Age)


Stone Carvers were important in Medieval society. Their work consisted of a broad range of talents from etching tombstones to carving tools and statues.
Members of this profession usually acquired their skills through joining a guild. The guild also included masons and sometimes bricklayers, but normally Stone Carvers were in a grouping of their own.
Most of their work took great durations of time to perform and it was often necessary to retain a Stone Carver for many months. The crafty ones knew how to further extend each project and though they produced quality work, they could thus earn more money.
Their wages were usually higher than average and a Stone Carver could earn a decent living.


Storytelling was an integral part of Medieval life. As most people lacked the ability to read and write, history, legends and folklore were passed along from generation to generation through skilled Storytellers.
No special abilities were acquired to hold this position except for a decent memory. However, the more industrious Storytellers also knew how to read so that they could widen their collection of stories. Sadly, a great number of Storytellers often embellished facts and added untrue elements to make their stories more exciting and incredible. While this provided entertainment for their audiences, historical facts often became distorted.
On average, Storytellers did not usually earn wages for their services unless they were hired to perform at social gatherings. A few though did manage to earn modest livings at the craft by entertaining kings and monarchs.

Weavers held many talents and abilities that were useful and practical in Medieval society. Their work ranged from weaving clothes and baskets to making durable furniture and crafts.
Though no guilds really existed to protect or train a Weaver, the skill was more acquired and passed on as an alternate means of a hobby. Most people knew how to weave to some extent but those who made a business out of it often enjoyed minimal success. However some were crafty enough to protect the secrets of the trade in areas where weaving was not predominant and as such enjoyed success within the job.

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