Medieval Occupations - Peddler, Physician, Playwright
Medieval Occupations
(Jobs in the Medieval Age)


The Peddler was a common merchant and often went from town to town selling whatever goods he had to offer. The items could be anything from novelty items to candles or even tourist-styled souveniers.
Usually the Peddler was an enterprising business person but often stood to make meager earnings as their profits were subjected to high taxation by the lords and nobles of the communities they did business within.
One seldom found a rich Peddler and often it was a means of basic survival.

Physicians were very highly regarded and respected. Though their positions were deemed prominent it took about a full century before their work was completely accepted.
More skilled than an Apothecarist or Herbalist, the Physician was capable of prescribing new medicines and performing types of surgery. These services were often limited and dependant on the heavy purses of the rich and elite and as such, many a commoner and peasant died simply because they could not afford the services.
The Physician saw much opposition to his career during the 13th Century. Many of his practices such as bleeding, lancing and surgical techniques were deemed to be against the teachings and doctrines of Church Law. Therefore anyone wise enough to know they needed the professional services of a Physician knew also that they could risk punishment or excommunication by the Church.
During the 14th Century though the Church gradually began to accept the merciful work of Physicians and they became wealthy and earned elaborate lifestyles.

Playwrights were necessary for many reasons. Good ones were difficult to find and those who enjoyed success at this trade were continually hired by kings and monarchs on a regular basis.
As most people could not read or write during the Medieval Ages, it was important to act out history or crucial events in the form of a play. This preserved history and gave the common people an understanding of how things were gained and achieved.
The Playwright wrote his texts in the format of scripts and then hired Acrobats and Actors to fill the roles. Often these performances would take place in townsquares or anywhere in which a public audience could assemble. Many Playwrights attempted controversial issues as the subject matter for their plays and were subsequently arrested, imprisoned or executed. The wise Playwright hovered around topics that were favorable by kings and law and enjoyed great success and high wages.
Though at the end of the Medieval Ages, William Shakespeare (born 1564) was the most popular Playwright of the time period.

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