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There are 20 Ruling Positions available for the website. They Are:

5 Knights5 Ladies

These positions are originally assigned to the first 20 Members who join requesting positions as Rulers. A Census is available from the main page listing who holds each post.
Though the positions may be presently filled, you MAY STILL JOIN the website as a ruler. Your account will be listed as a Common Citizen but in the event of a members REVOLT your status and account may be upgraded if the members vote for you as their new ruler.
In the event that you join as a RULER and all ruling positions are filled, you may campaign or start a revolt on the website. You may use the chatrooms, message boards and other interactive features to state your cases, suggest your ideas, complain about the current rulers and be heard and recognized by the fellow members. If the members do not respond to your campaign, the creators of CastleKingdom MAY back you and support your takeover attempt, provided you make valid and legitimate claims for the throne.
To become a RULER, you MUST have time to devote to the interaction of this website. As this is intended as an Internet-User Kingdom, you take an active part in the development, progress, features, look and feel of this website. No programming skills are necessary. As a Ruler, submit your ideas to the webmasters via email and we will add your features, articles and shape the website to your specifications. There WILL BE interaction between the Rulers and webhosts. This is what is required to make the site successful and fully interactive. Late responses from Rulers regarding critical developments for the website will result in the termination of your ruling post. We require that you respond to all directives within 2 weeks of receiving them. If you cannot do this, join the site as a Common Citizen.
As a RULER, we will design a Homepage for you on this website with your picture, information and anything else you wish to submit to be seen. You will have the option to receive email directly from your subjects OR if you wish, will forward the emails to you.
This is YOUR kingdom. You can run it any way you desire as long as the format remains family oriented. The goal of the website is to use the internet to bring people together on a human level. We hope that the members will share the advice, guidance, counsel and knowledge of their professions, training or special interests with each other. If you're ready to rule, sign up now.