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Suggested Reading

There are many informative and wonderful books about the Medieval Ages. We suggest the following:

"Strong Of Body, Brave And Noble" by Constance Brittain
Bouchard. - Chivalry and society in
Medieval France

"The Oxford Illustrated History Of Medieval Europe" by
George Holmes. Excellent resource guide.

"The Oxford Illustrated History Of Medieval England" by
Nigel Soul. Informative of English life.

"A History Of The Vikings" by Gwyn Jones. - Compendium of
Norse history and Viking conquests.

"The Book Of The Medieval Knight" by Stephen Turnbull. Great
source detailing all aspects of knighthood.

"The Druids" by Peter Berresford Ellis. Insight into the
mystery of the Druids and Stonehenge.

"The Celts" by Gerhard Herm. Excellent chronicle detailing
the history, warfare and migration of the
Celtic tribes.

"Civilization Of The Middle Ages" by Norman F. Cantor. Very
insightful into the discoveries of Medieval
medicines, science and religion.

"The Autumn Of The Middle Ages" by Johan Huizinga. Details
the end of the Medieval Era, the inventions
and discoveries that brought mankind

"The Medieval Machine" by Jean Gimple. A resourceful and
well written book about the craftsmen and
industrialization of Medieval Europe. The
book details how seige engines and other
machines were discovered and built.

"The Crusades" by Zoe Oldenbourg. Excellent account of all
the Crusades, strategy, intrigue and very
detailed about the men who fought them.

"The Medieval World View" by William R. Cook and Ronald B.
Herzman. A high school text book companion
that is rich in fact and details about
Medieval society, religion and monarchy.

"Life In A Medieval Castle" by Joseph and Frances Gies. A
decent chronicle of life inside a castle,
the functions of those who lived there and
insight into castle defenses.

"Arms And Armor Of The Medieval Knight" by David Edge and
John Miles Paddock. An illustrated guide to
Medieval weapons and armor.

"A Medieval Family" by Joseph and Frances Gies. A book that
was compiled by combining a 15th Century
family's personal letters.

"The Spanish Inquisition" by Henry Kamen. An illustrated
and alternative account of the Inquisition
compiled from newly discovered sources.

"The Wars Of The Bruces" by Colm McNamee. A comprehensive
history of the wars in Ireland, England and
Scotland, their impact on the civilian
population and the achievements of the

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