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The Crusades were a series of Holy Wars intended to capture and seize the Church Of The Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. It was also a quest to rid the world of non-christians by either converting those who were willing or by killing those who were not.

The knights who participated in these wars were known as Crusaders. Though the wars took place over several centuries, the last Crusades were primarily fought by the elite knights who fashioned their armor and dress after an Order known as the Knights Templar. Devout, these knights took vows of poverty and obedience and dedicated themselves to protecting pilgrims on their journeys.

During the final Crusades the style of armor worn was platemail. However, a white mantle (tunic) was worn on the outside that usually was adorned with a cross to symbolize the pious nature of the knights. The helmets were called "Great Helms" or "Sugar Loaf Helms". Mainly it was a solid piece of steel with only a narrow slat provided for vision. The shields also took on a more triangular design and were usually etched or painted with either the crest of the knights' family or religious icons.