About CastleKingdom.com
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About CastleKingdom.com

As we've surfed the web we've noticed that a lot of websites have sprung up with chatrooms, email and tons of annoying advertisements. These sites hope to make you a member so that in return, you click on their links, buy their products and make them lots of money.
It seems to us that a place for people to gather should be free of advertisements and should be geared toward its users. As a result, we invite you to control this website!
We've done the hard part! We've secured the name, have done the programming and have advertised the site to get you to come here to check us out. Now, it's up to you to make this YOUR place. As a King, Queen or other member of castleKingdom.com - YOU tell US what you want here, what you like, dislike or want to see put here. And we'll do it. If we don't already have it - we'll build it.
CastleKingdom.com is exactly what the name implies - a Kingdom. In fact, it's YOUR kingdom. Come here to relax, chill, chat with friends or use the free services and features offered here. If this is your place, then we feel YOU have the right to decide how this whole website works. You don't need any HTML, JAVA or programming skills. You just need to drop us an email and tell us what you want. If it's within reason and within the family oriented goals of the website, we'll add it for you. No charges, no fees, nothing. While other sites try to attract you with THEIR features, we invite you to design this website to YOUR features to meet your needs and standards. If you like our idea and want to become part of this interaction, sign up now!